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Research brief: Digital wages for decent work in Kenya

In Kenya, 78 per cent of wage earners now receive digital payments, a remarkable increase from 55 per cent in 2014, thanks to mobile money innovations. However, challenges remain in transitioning from cash wages to responsible digital payments. Together with…

Labour legislation

Labour legislation measures that explicitly refer to digital wage payments.

Financial legislation

Financial legislation measures that explicitly refer to the digital payment of wages.

Women and money: Insights and a path to close the gender gap

This report discusses findings from human-centred design research around the use of cash-in and cash-out services conducted with 400 persons in Bangladesh, India, Northern Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Tanzania, including about 250 women. It presents the key challenges women face,…

HERfinance digital wages videos and animations

HERfinance Digital Wages videos and animation, developed with Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth and QuizRR, are part of HERfinance Digital Wages Tech Learning Tool. They give engaging guidance and information for workers around financial services and improving financial health. They…