How do digital wage payments benefit workers? – Testimonial from a female worker in the Philippines

In this video we meet secretary and mother Deborrah Silva Bernaldez, who shares how digital wage payments have enhanced her life. With her salary deposited directly into her payroll account, she enjoys the security and convenience of managing her finances electronically. From saving for the future to paying bills and shopping online, digital payments save her time and effort, allowing her to spend more time with her daughter. The ILO’s Global Centre on Digital Wages for Decent Work partners with the Philippine government and financial sector to promote digital wages.

  • Date: 03/07/2024
  • Sector: Any
  • Topics: Digital technology, Gender equality, Inclusive finance, Workers' rights
  • Regions: Asia and the Pacific
  • Resource type: Multimedia
  • Institutions: The ILO's Global Centre on Digital Wages for Decent Work and the Central Bank of the Philippines