How workers get paid is changing: Consumer protections need to catch up

This report explains how workers in the United States of America are paid, highlights data showing an increasing use of payroll cards, describes the types of workers most likely to use payroll cards, and outlines the benefits and risks of this payment option. In addition, it reviews how the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and Electronic Fund Transfer Act provide workers with only limited protections and highlights the growing body of state regulations that have emerged to prevent the worst abuses. Finally, the report offers policy recommendations for federal, state, and local policymakers to make sure that workers are adequately protected and are not separated from their wages.

  • Date: 16/01/2019
  • Sector: Any
  • Topics: Digital technology, Inclusive finance, Sustainable enterprises, Workers' rights
  • Regions: Americas
  • Resource type: Publications
  • Institutions: Center for American Progress