Types Multimedia

HERfinance audio files

HERproject has developed audio messages that provide information about using financial services and money management, which can be played on the public address (PA) system.

HERfinance digital wages videos and animations

HERfinance Digital Wages videos and animation, developed with Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth and QuizRR, are part of HERfinance Digital Wages Tech Learning Tool. They give engaging guidance and information for workers around financial services and improving financial health. They…

HERfinance Posters

HERproject has developed a set of six posters messages for workers based around the six digital wages modules to be displayed around the workplace

HERfinance Digital Wages: Small investment, big impact

The HERfinance Digital Wages program, supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, works with global brands and their suppliers to help factories transition from cash salary payments to digital wages. This video follows three women during the process and…

The electronic payroll system in Peru

This video presents the electronic payroll system in Peru, which helps facilitate workers’ registration and transition to formality and contributes to improving the effectiveness of labour inspections.