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Advancing women’s digital financial inclusion

Endorsed by G20 finance ministers, this report outlines 10 policy options to enable G20 members and other governments to rapidly work towards digital financial inclusion of all women. These will not only drive women’s greater economic participation but will also…

Digital wages: Positive impact for women and business

This report evidences HERfinance Digital Wages Programme’s benefits for factories and workers via increased efficiency, financial inclusion, and women’s economic empowerment. It uses two data sources: HERfinance Digital Wages survey data collected from 64 factories through 4,076 baseline surveys and…

Assessment of the Wage Protection System in Qatar

This report developed by the International Labour Organization Project Office for the State of Qatar provides insight into the strengths and gaps in the Wage Protection System from a number of perspectives, and puts forward actionable recommendations for its improvement.

Garment workers experience with wage digitization in Bangladesh

This report presents the results of research conducted in Bangladesh by Microfinance Opportunities in collaboration with the Social Performance Task Force on the experiences of garment workers whose employers changed from paying them in cash to paying them digitally.